Wildlife habitat, Permaculture, Orchard, Edible Lanscape and Garden Design. Cambridge.


The fees vary according to what you are wishing to have done.

Design fees are £30 per hour, (a small garden design would cost about £500 – £1000)

Consultancy fees are £25 per hour,

Maintenance and gardening fees are £20 per hour.

Fruit tree pruning fees are £25 per hour.

Home tutoring on pruning your fruit trees fees are £25 per hour.

Workshop fees are £30 per hour.

If it is necessary to engage the service of specialists such as architects, or surveyors these are charged at cost plus 2%.

Fees for designs are payable on receipt of drawings.

Fees for gardening, pruning and consultancy will be invoiced after each visit.

If the project is for a community or charity then please ring to discuss what we can do to help get the project going at minimal cost.