Wildlife habitat, Permaculture, Orchard, Edible Lanscape and Garden Design. Cambridge.


Welcome to Verdant Earth, Cambridge.

Wildlife, Permaculture and Sustainable Garden Design. 

Edible landscapes, orchards, pruning, tutoring and maintenance .

Flowers to welcome you home


Verdant Earth specialize in beautiful, bountiful and natural spaces for our future, spaces which honour and respect our natural environment. Whatever you’re wishes, be it flowers, trees, pond, vegetable plot, ornamental vegetable garden, orchard, forest garden, community garden, wildlife garden or formal garden – Verdant Earth can help make your outdoor living space special. Verdant Earth wish to positively promote edible gardening. When working for charities, schools and communities wishing to create an edible garden, orchard, forest garden etc. Verdant Earth’s fees will be lowered to the minimum possible or may even be waived.


You may wish for a complete redesign with construction drawings and planting plans, a lesson on how to prune your apple tree, a simple discussion on how to make the most of what is already there or someone just to help you get your garden in order. Verdant Earth offer a range of services for you to choose from, including: design, tutoring, consultation and practical help.

Everybody and every landscape or garden has different needs. Whatever the size of your space it is your island in this world and as such it should reflect your tastes and ideals and cater for your needs. Working creatively together we can turn your space into your ideal.

Wildflower meadow. Sometimes, where the skies are large, less is more.

It can be difficult to conceive how your landscape or garden could look, how it could add to your home and how it could help make your life more sustainable.

My approach is to:
1) Listen carefully to your requirements and ideas.
2) Think very carefully and creatively about the options available.
3) Help you visualise and decide on exactly what you want.
4) Work out how your wishes can be realised in the most practical, efficient, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing manner.
5) Draw up a plan or outline of ideas that suit you.
6) Help you make the dream a reality.


# Hello Charlotte,

I have to pass on my son’s response to your design idea – below. You should know that this is not his customary vocabulary, so you have really hit the spot!

” Awesome idea, love it!” Will be in touch, Best wishes, Barbara  

# The note below was sent to a friend regarding one of the tree pruning workshops I ran.

“It was a great session. Wonderful examples to work on, some truly fantastic tuition and a glorious day.”