Wildlife habitat, Permaculture, Orchard, Edible Lanscape and Garden Design. Cambridge.



I have always loved our natural environment and have worked in this area for most of my working life. My qualifications include an Higher National Certificate in Microbiology, a degree in Environmental Biology (1st Class Honours) and a Diploma in Garden Design (Distinction) from the Institute of Garden Design. I have completed a course in Permaculture Design and am working towards constructing a portfolio of projects to submit for a Diploma in Permaculture Design. I am very interested in orchards, forest gardens and community gardening so much of my work focuses on learning about and gaining practical experience in these areas. I have also completed the L3 award in teaching as I enjoy passing on knowledge and skills by running workshops etc.


My background in environmental sciences and microbiology gives me a special understanding of the natural processes and interactions occurring within landscapes. By designing from an ecologically sound base it is much easier to create a harmonious whole that works with the natural inclination of the ecosystem rather than struggling against it. This in turn saves the gardener a great deal of time and energy.

The ethos behind Verdant Earth designs.

Society has been consolidated by great material prosperity founded on dead and live plant matter such as coal, gas, oil, wood and organic matter in the soil. All of these are vastly depleted and their consumption is what is causing our current climate change problems. We cannot replenish oil, coal and gas stores but we can replenish the organic matter in our soils and grow trees. Governments should be pushing hard for this as it promotes self sufficiency and reduces the greenhouse gases. However we can be proactive as individuals – even with very small gardens we can look after our own soil and grow trees and produce.That is what Verdant Earth is about.

The philosophy behind Verdant Earth designs.

The philosophy in working with people is to be there as a helper, guide and mentor. To do this it is important to start where they are at and work together to help create a jointly inspired design. By doing this they will feel ownership of and pride in their space, and hence they will enjoy caring for it all the more.

The philosophy in working  on a design for a space, or landscape in the case of a garden, is that it is the network that links all the life forms living within it.  Every design must therefore take an holistic approach, creating a healthy space for the whole community of plants, animals and microorganisms as well as us – by doing so it creates an harmonious and sustainable environment.

The experience behind Verdant Earth designs.

In addition to my own garden and allotment I manage over 6 acres of land for wildlife with a wildflower meadow, ponds and woodland. Some of this land is in the process of becoming a forest garden, some will be traditional orchard with standard trees and an area with half standard fruit trees of local varieties is also planned for.  You can follow the blog describing this land and how it is slowly progressing, I shall try to give my reasonings etc. behind the things I do in order for this to be a useful learning process for others as well as me.

My scientific and practical background combined with my garden design, orchard management and forest gardening  studies have helped me develop a rounded approach to designing outside living and growing spaces for individuals, communities and wildlife. I have a passion for good design and the environment so these will always be given the consideration they deserve in my work.