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Creating our Forest Garden (1).

Welcome to my first blog about our forest garden. I hope to keep a diary of what is happening on a piece of land that I am going to turn into a productive landscape. Last Autumn I bought 5.5 acres (2.2 hectares) of land but have hardly had any time to be there. Still it isn’t going anywhere, the hay has been cut and the wildlife has probably appreciated the peace and quiet. This is an on-going long term project so we will take it easy.

Plan of land for edible landscape showing access strip in bottom left hand side and field with lake and pond and stream running along northern edge. (North is at top of diagram)

Access strip to land.

In the meantime I have been busy learning all sorts of things, reading books on the subject, taking courses and dreaming. The design hasn’t been finally decided but I will probably plant fruit trees and berries on the long straight access strip, a forest garden on the woodland edge, an orchard with large standard  trees of local fruit varieties, willow for basketry some walnuts and cob nuts for the squirrels on the field.

One of the many great things about growing plants is that it is always a bit experimental and an on-going process of learning and discovering – so we’re growing as well.

I used to have my savings in the bank and would worry about devaluation and where to move the money to in order to keep pace with inflation. Now I have a piece of land and dream about  growing, creating, harvesting and sharing.

Field for large standard orchard trees and hay crop


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